Invoicing software for prestashop

Automatic synchronization of incomes and invoices for your online store

Create automatically an invoice for each order you receive. Try the Quipu’s module for Prestashop for free and without any compromise.

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Centralize the invoicing for your online shop

  • Real time information from any device
  • Automatic update of invoices, orders and customers
  • Fast and easy to install
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Automatic integration with Prestashop

Prestashop is one of the most used Ecommerce platforms around the world thanks to its easy use and its integrations with other services.

The Quipu’s integration with Prestashop allows you to synchronize the invoices and orders created in your Ecommerce with your Quipu’s account automatically.

How to synchronize your Prestashop with Quipu?

To connect Quipu with your Ecommerce you just have to follow this simple steps. If you want us to help you configure the module, click on ask for a demo.

  • Have or create a Quipu account
  • Download the Quipu’s module for Prestashop without compromise
  • Connect both platforms
  • Ready, you can keep selling
Prestashop Addons

A partner officially certified by Prestashop at your service

The integration of Prestashop with Quipu has been developed together with a partner officially certified by Prestashop, who will also help you in everything you need to connect your Ecommerce.

Connect your digital business with Quipu

Download Plugin Prestashop

If you use another ecommerce platform besides Prestashop or you have a tech business, you can also integrate it with Quipu through our API.

If you want us to notify you when we launch a specific integration for your Ecommerce, tell us what platform you use so we can notify you.

Frequently answered questions

How to set the invoice numbering series?

If you already have invoices created in Prestashop, Quipu will automatically sync with them and recognize the numbering series. The only thing you have to consider is that if any invoice numbers have zeros, Quipu will delete them and adapt the format. However, if you have no bills because you just started your online store, Quipu will create a default and continue consecutively with each new bill.

How to set the numbering series for credit notes (invoices)?

It works just like the previous point. In case you have already created, Quipu will transfer them with the same number, adding an R in front to differentiate them as rectifying invoices of the rest. For example, the rectifying invoice 15, in Quipu will be R15. In the same way, if you still do not have any rectifying invoice, Quipu will create a new series for them by default.

How to import my invoices on Quipu?

Invoices that you previously created in Prestashop can also be integrated with Quipu to unify all your billing. All you have to do is enter the Quipu module, and your Prestashop will configure. Once there, look for the section at the bottom called ”Synchronize Existing Bills From Your Shop With Quipu” and there click on the ”Synchronize Your Ecommerce With Quipu Now.” If you generate a bill out of prestashop, you can also manually enter it in Quipu.

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