Tax returns

What is the supplied?

A supplied is an expense incurred on behalf of a client and subsequently refunded by the appropriate justification.

In other words, an intermediary incurs some expenditures which you will then bill. For the person being billed, these costs do not represent income or expense when charging for the services, since this person has been an intermediary in the payment.

That is why it is computed differently so that you don’t compute taxes resulting from this income and expenditure, which has only been an intermediary.

This is very typical in the payment of legal services. For example, many times your advice has made a procedure that involves their fees plus the payment of certain documents that have bought Treasury or The Commercial Register. You will pay your agency together with the payment of such documents. These documents do not represent any income for the agency, but you would not have admitted them to the Treasury or The Commercial Register, so the purchase of this document is supplied on your invoice.

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