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How to optimize/save on my expenses as an independent?

Note that as a freelancer, you are entitled to deduct a series of expenses related to your economic activity. Learn More.

With invoices you can deduct the IVA, but for tickets (Simplified invoice) although you cannot deduct IVA, it is indeed an expense that will allow you to pay less PIT (personal income tax) at the end of the year (model 130).

With our mobile app, The Ticket Hunter, instantly upload your tickets and invoices and avoid filling up your wallet with them. You won´t need to keep the tickets nor worry about them for anything. The ticket nightmare is over.

Keep in mind, you can deduct expenses like your mobile phone, transportation but also other expenses such as the share of autonomous or the purchase of equipment (Computers, Mobile Phones, etc..).

See for yourself how easy it is!

For those listed above, you can request an invoice in most cases, however, in certain cases such as diets, garages, or taxis, it is not possible to achieve this invoice.

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