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  • ¿How do you connect Prestashop with Quipu?

¿How do you connect Prestashop with Quipu?

The Quipu module for Prestashop allows you to automate the invoicing of your online store so you can win time and efficiency in the management of your Ecommerce.

To try the Quipu module for your Ecommerce you should have a Quipu's account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free clicking here.

Once created your Quipu’s account, you can try the Quipu module for free to your Prestashop Ecommerce. To test it for free, you just simply have to access to this link and use the following access keys:

  • User:
  • Password: demodemo
  • If you have already test the Quipu's module and want to start using it for your Prestashop Ecommerce you just have to download the Quipu's module from Prestashop Addons and then configure the Quipu's module for Prestashop so you can synchronize both accounts: Your Quipu’s account and your Prestashop Ecommerce.

    For each order that is generated on your Ecommerce will be created an invoice on your Quipu's account automatically. From the time you synchronize In this way, for each of the orders that are generated in your online store, an invoice will be created in your Quipu's account automatically. From synchronization, you can know the status of your ecommerce in real time and from any device as well as automatically create the tax models of your online store in just one click, so you can continue selling without worrying about volume of your invoicing.

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